What I’m All About

When I worked as a chartered accountant at other accounting practices, I could see many of my clients were withholding important questions because the clock was ticking and they didn’t want to pay for extra time. They were frustrated, and so was I.

I thought about how useful it would be if there was an accounting business that was more like a business advisor who could answer all kinds of business questions, not just around accounting or tax. An advisor with a fixed fee structure so that clients never felt the meter was ticking.

I knew this kind of business would support clients for the long haul from start up through to retirement and not just for their business, but for personal matters as well.

I wanted an accounting and tax business that was built on genuine trust and personal connection – where clients are like family.

That’s why I created Aintree Group with my wife, Andrea.

I love seeing the connections being forged with my clients. I love clients who come to me for business consulting, but end up letting me help them with personal advice too. To me, that’s the best testimonial a client can give.

I have also been able to use my business advisory skills to start Plant: Grow: Reap, a program for small business owners who want likeminded people to brainstorm ideas, discuss obstacles and set goals with.


Aintree Group is the sort of proactive, business-focused, entrepreneurial firm that I need working with me in order to create the sort of business I want. A good part of my business’ dramatic growth can be attributed to the support and advice I receive from Aintree Group.

Angela den Hollander, Owner, Communic8 Design